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Immaculate Deception (Paperback)

Hannah Weston Price
Sammenlign priser

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The Vicar of Dibley meets Father Brown in this funny and deadly new mystery series. A lady Vicar struggling with her faith, and not wholly in control of her mouth, Reverend Reggie Watson hopes that a small village parish will offer the fresh start she needs.But almost immediately, Reggie manages to get on the wrong side of the parish chairwoman and the handsome Detective Harry Thornton. But it's when the beloved Sunday School teacher, Elsa Murphy, is found dead, that the Devil's Food cakes really hit the fan!All the evidence points to suicide, but the plucky Vicar simply will not accept that a sweet and pious woman like Elsa Murphy would take her own life. And Reggie will prove it herself if she must.On the surface, Patchwork Hill appears to be a picturesque English village, but underneath scandalous secrets and festering grudges have set down roots and grow like poisonous weeds.This killer might be clever, but they haven't faced the wit and dogged stubbornness of The Nosy Vicar and her mischievous church cat. Immaculate Deception is a British cozy mystery full of quirky characters, laughs, a hint of romance, and a murder so horrible you won't be able to stop reading till you've seen justice served.