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Beans with Character: An Unofficial Guide to the Disney Mini Bean Bag Plush Collection (Pehmekaaneline)

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The definitive collector's guide about Disney's mini bean bag plush collection. Contains over two hundred color individual photographs of the characters, as well as numberous group photos enhanced with beautiful background scenes. Beans with Character is the first and foremost collector's guide about Disney's popular Mini Bean Bag Plush Collection.

The book contains:

- Stunning photos -- suitable for framing -- of all of the Disney mini bean bag plush characters

- Detailed descriptions, and history of each bean bag character and their variations

- Special sections on Mickey, Pooh, Movie characters, Holiday and Theme Park characters

- Descriptions of the mini bean bag accessory products

- Chronology of the retired mini bean bag plush

- Disney movie trivia

- Bean bag tag descriptions and information

- Checklists of all characters

- Internet listings for the best web sites for Disney mini bean bag collectors