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Borland C++ INSIDER (Pehmekaaneline)

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Expert Advice at Your Fingertips. . . Packed with insider programming tips and techniques that speed up the writing of code and help you get the most out of C++ In-depth coverage of the ObjectWindows Library— OWL— and building Windows class libraries Detailed discussions of debugging, file management, interface design, and the new WIN32 standards for 32-bit programming Features the celebrated Insider series format— packed with screen shots, scenarios illustrating how to solve real-life problems, "Hot Tip" sidebars, and other valuable learning aids

Windows programming is faster and easier than you ever imagined, with the insider tips, techniques, and shortcuts you'll find in Borland C++ Insider. Acclaimed the premiere Windows programming environment by enthusiastic critics worldwide, Borland C++ represents an evolutionary leap in Windows programming. Now Borland C++ Insider tells you how to get the most out of the latest version 4.0 of this versatile new IDE. Written by an author who has worked with Microsoft Windows since version 1.0 and who helped beta-test the latest version of Borland C++, it supplies you with a gold mine of insider tips, secrets, shortcuts, tricks of the trade and, of course, all the step-by-step hands-on guidance you need to create sharp, extremely usable Windows applications more quickly and with less effort than ever before.

"Imagine having an expert by your side-someone always ready to show you how to find undocumented shortcuts and enhancements to get the most out of your software. The INSIDER guides are designed to do just that. They provide clear, practical, accessible advice on the what, why, and how of running your software. Focusedon your specific needs-on turning the features of the program to your advantage-the guides help you set up, customize, and run your software programs the way you want them to run. No other guides do this as well as the INSIDERs."

Keith Weiskamp, INSIDER Series Editor