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Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security: A Solutions View (Pehmekaaneline)

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For cloud users and providers alike, security is an everyday concern, yet there are very few books covering cloud security as a main subject. This book will help address this information gap from an Information Technology solution and usage-centric view of cloud infrastructure security. The book highlights the fundamental technology components necessary to build and enable trusted clouds. Here also is an explanation of the security and compliance challenges organizations face as they migrate mission-criticalapplications to the cloud, and how trusted clouds, that have their integrity rooted in hardware, can address these challenges. This book provides: enable infrastructure integrity and the creation of trusted pools leveraging Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT). enabling workload and data location compliance and boundary control usages in the cloud. of tenant-controlled virtual machine and workload protection in the cloud. for a cloud bursting use case, providing infrastructure visibility and control to organizationsand hardware based root of trust. More than an explanation of the what and how, is the explanation of why. And why you can t afford to ignore it "" Vince Lubsey, Vice President, Product Virtustream Inc 'inside out' approach, where trust in hardware, software, and privileged users is never assumed--but instead measured, attested, and limited according to least privilege principles."" HyTrust Inc in the cloud. Raghu's book addresses this problem head-on by highlighting unique usage models to enable trusted infrastructure in this open environment. A must read if you are exposed in cloud."" Sharma, Sr. Director of Cloud Solutions, Office of CTO, EMC Corporatio What you'll learn models, hardware and software technology components to enable trusted clouds. how to build and enable trusted cloud infrastructure Who this book is for This book will influence Infrastructure, Application and solution architects along with CTOs and CIOs and make them aware of Cloud Security and how to approach it with real-world examples and case studies Table of Contents Chapter 1: Cloud Computing Basics Chapter 2: The Trusted Cloud: Addressing Security and ComplianceChapter 3: Platform Boot Integrity: Foundation for Trusted Compute PoolsChapter 4: Attestation: Proving TrustabilityChapter 5: Boundary Control in the Cloud: Geo-Tagging and Asset TaggingChapter 6: Network Security in the CloudChapter 7: Identity Management and Control for CloudsChapter 8: Trusted Virtual Machines: Ensuring the Integrity of Virtual Machines in the Cloud Chapter 9: A Reference Design for Secure Cloud Bursting