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Christian Faith and English Language Teaching and Learning: Research on the Interrelationship of Religion and ELT (Kõvakaaneline)

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Mary Shepard Wong

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Ideological and educational-political aspects of the link between language and faith (especially between Global English and Christianity) is a growing topic of theoretical interest in the field of English language teaching. This discussion is increasingly accompanied by a practice-oriented interest in exploring the possible role and impact of teachers and students faith in the language classroom. What has been lacking to date is empirical data that provides firm insights into the actual role that faith plays in various aspects of the language learning/teaching experience, thereby supporting or refuting ideological or belief-based claims. Bringing together studies representing a diversity of experiences and perspectives on the philosophies, purposes, practices, and theories of the interrelationship of Christianity and language learning and teaching, this volume is a first step toward filling this gap. By adding a data-based dimension it contributes to the cultivation of valid research methods and innovative ways to analyze and interpret studies of the intersection of Christian faith and the practice of teaching and learning language.