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Essentials & Creating of IT Management Approach: 7 steps and the 4 corner viewpoint of the practice which leads IT management to the success (Pehmekaaneline)

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This book aims at getting the basic knowledge of the IT strategic management and moreover academic essence about IT approach for IT engineer and IT consultant.IT management ability is required to coordinate IT for the strategic management. This manual shows IT framework, and moreover the idea of the system-thinking, In chapter 1, you can get the business management technique and IT management framework.In chapter 2, you can receive the relation between IT management and strategic management concept.Chapter 3 clarifies the approach of the practice which leads IT management to the success by 7 steps. The approach of IT strategic management consists of 7 steps. In each steps there exists the strategic design for optimization of operation processes and strategic management. These strategic design steps are related to strategic management concepts which are suitable for each operation process. In chapter 5, while taking the standardization trend of the latest industry trend and the standard of the Net procurement, it clarifies the essence of the e business.I n chapter 6,you can read e Business case study in the Internet business in the automotive and electrical industry and so on.