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Ghost in a Small Town (Pehmekaaneline)

Varudest ainult

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The folks of Cypress, Mississippi are unnerved when the ghost of Avery Carson appears not long after her car is found abandoned on Crow River Bridge. Laurel County Sheriff Cal Rayburn and his deputies set out to find the missing woman's body, but what they discover is the woman's sister is missing too. What could have happened to the sisters to persuade them to take their own lives? Or did they? As evidence is collected, doubts arise concerning the sisters' demise. Was the sheriff's department investigating a double suicide or a double homicide? Deputy Travis Velardi is new to the sheriff's department. He has moved on with his life after a bad relationship a year ago. Determined not to be deceived again, Travis keeps a tight lock on his heart. Mara Soriano unintentionally picks that lock and turns Travis' life upside down, but Mara has no intention of starting a relationship with anyone, especially Travis.The sheriff assigns Deputy Velardi second in charge on the case. With Mara on his mind, Avery Carson's ghost wreaking havoc in town, and the investigation leading him in every direction, he's uncertain that he's the man for the job.To what end will one go for fame and fortune?What mystery does the shallow grave in the woods hold?Who is the mysterious woman in the cabin by the lake?Just when Travis thinks he has it figured out, he's led down another dead-end road.Ghost in a Small Town is the second in the trilogy of An Entering Southern Country Novel. It's a story about lies, corruption, and murder.