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Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health (Pehmekaaneline)

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Imagine immediate relief from headaches, back pain, sciatica, ulcers, sinus problems, hemorrhoids, and a host of conditions -- without drugs or surgery. Imagine having a balm against stress and an energy, booster free for the taking and always within reach. Reflexology makes such amazing healing and vitality a reality. A pioneer in the modern of practice of this ancient natural art, Mildred Carter shares her techniques for releasing the body's own powerful healing energies by utilizing a simple tool at everyone's fingertips -- their own hands.

Step by step, in straightforward language backed by instructive line drawings and photographs, Hand Reflexology shows just how to massage "reflex buttons" located in the hands and connected to every gland and organ in the body. Within minutes, readers will master simple moves to calm frazzled nerves, ease painful symptoms, and ward off disease. Safe, easy to learn, and adaptable to any environment -- even the office -- these techniques will help readers alleviate hay fever, asthma, arthritis, and digestive problems; stop the common cold in its tracks; and strengthen the heart, lungs, and kidneys. Men will discover techniques to combat baldness, while women will find massages to promote painless childbirth. And every reader will enjoy freedom from tension and a surge in energy.

Rich in illuminating case histories and lively anecdotes, Hand Reflexology holds the key to optimal health -- naturally.