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How to Fight for Your Life: Enhanced Reality-Based Close Combat Training for Self-Defense and Street Survival (Pehmekaaneline)

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Guided Chaos is an advanced, esoteric and adaptive self-defense system invented by former forensic crime scene expert John Perkins in 1978. It is completely unique, stunningly effective and takes many years to master. However, not everyone has that kind of time...and violent criminals aren't going to wait. The average person needs street and battle-tested methods that can be learned and mastered quickly. That's where Guided Chaos COMBATIVES (GCC) comes in. GCC is the first part of Guided Chaos and is remarkably simple. It is a self-contained system comprised of basic World War II-era strikes and strategies that were designed to be taught to our troops in mere hours before shipping out for jungle warfare in the Pacific against the Japanese, who were all presumed to be karate and judo experts. John Perkins, who is a certified Grandmaster in Combat Martial Arts under the International Combat Martial Arts Federation, has modified and improved these techniques by imbuing them with some of the far more advanced motion principles of Guided Chaos, the most important of which being Dropping Energy, a way of delivering powerful strikes without winding up or chambering. It also improves dynamic balance, which is essential for survival when fighting for your life. GCC is extremely easy to learn and practice on your own and can be mastered in mere weeks with diligent practice. "How to Fight for Your Life" contains principles, photos, diagrams, checklists, strategies and training regimens found nowhere else and designed to quickly maximize your ability to survive criminal violence.