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Implementation of Control Circuit of 1-PH Svc Using Microcontroller (Pehmekaaneline)

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This book devotes towards the physical realisation of prototype Design, Fabrication, Testing and control of prototype single phase Static Var Compensators (SVC).Prototype working model of single phase SVC being designed and fabricated in the laboratory. Single Machine Load Bus (SMLB) or Single Machine Single Bus (SMSB) Test system have been developed in the laboratory and tested without and with controller in open loop and closed loop modes (using microcontroller). A single machine single load system (SMSL) is setup in the laboratory with an Alternator feeding a single phase Induction motor. In the first case the impact of SVC on bus voltage with open loop mode of control is observed. Secondly an automatic control circuit is implemented using LPC 2148 Microcontroller. Test system is tested with automatic control circuit and results have been presented.