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Isadora Stone and The Battle for Inner Earth (Pehmekaaneline)

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Isadora Stone and The Battle for Inner Earth is the second in the Isadora Stone series. Continue the journey with Isadora Stone and Friends! Isadora is once more reunited with her Agarthan friends of Inner Earth for another exciting adventure. The surface humans have been digging down into the Inner Earth realms and it has brought the different Inner Earth Civilisations near brink of war. Isadora must speak with the President of the United States and stop the digging before the Evil Raptors cause the Inner Earth factions to declare war. Continue the journey with Peets and David. Will they manage to leave Mars and reunite Peets with Chinga and family on Delavia? Will David ever make it back to Earth? Will Valdazar get his revenge on Isadora and Kaia and manage to re-take Delavia? Will Human ever be re-united with his family? Join Isadora Stone and Friends for another action packed adventure.