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Leadership (The Brian Tracy Success Library) (Kõvakaaneline)

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Nobody comes into the world a natural leader. But what is it that transforms some people into the kind of magnetic individuals who inspire others to follow? Success expert Brian Tracy has helped thousands of people become exceptional leaders and now, in this concise and powerful book, he reveals how you can: - Inspire trust, confidence, and loyalty - Instill a sense of meaning and purpose in your organization - Tap into the motivation and enthusiasm that compels others to commit to your vision - Think strategically-keeping the big picture in mind - Continually focus on the future - Turn adversity into opportunity - Take the right kind of risks - Clearly communicate goals and strategies and gain buy-in - Build winning teams - Elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary people - Cultivate worthwhile relationships and leverage The Law of Reciprocity - Become the person seen as most likely to lead the organization to victory - And more Great leadership isn't a mystery. It is a skill that can be learned. Packed with practical, proven methods, this indispensable little guide will help you unlock your leadership potential. "Through embracing and diligently applying his practical proven methods, readers will gradually unlock their own leadership potential and then tap into the amazing potential of others.' - Smart Supervision "... having trouble fulfilling your managerial responsibilities? If so, Leadership has many unique and easy-to-apply strategies to help you overcome your challenges." - San Francisco Book Review "This is what I call a 'right-hand drawer book.' It's the kind of inspiration tool you refer to again and again as you develop into a true leader." - PCB007 "This indispensable little guide will help you unlock your leadership potential.' - New Equipment Digest "