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Letters to a Law Student: A guide to studying law at university (Pehmekaaneline)

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What does it take to succeed as a law student? This book will show you how. Voted one of the top 6 books that all future law students should read by The Guardian's studying law website*, Letters to a Law Student is packed full of practical advice and helpful answers to the most common questions about studying law at University across every stage of taking, or thinking about taking, a law degree. Discover: * Whether reading law at University is the right thing for you; * What law students do; * How to get the best marks in exams; * Tips on coping with the challenges of studying law; * What you can do with a law degree; * The way in which qualifying as a solicitor is set to change in the future, ... and much more. Nicholas J. McBride is a Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge. *"