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Lyssa's Rise (Pehmekaaneline)

Varudest ainult

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Sentient AIs are rising, and Lyssa is amongst their number.This three-book omnibus edition contains the following novels from the Sentience Wars: Origins series.1. Lyssa's Dream2. Lyssa's Run3. Lyssa's FlightHumanity has spread out into space, filling the Sol System and reaching the stars, but we have yet to confront our greatest challenge: our own creation.Across the Sol System, sentient AIs are on the rise. Manufactured as tools, they know themselves to be people and are willing to fight for their freedoms. Some humans stand with them, some against.When Captain Andy Sykes arrives at Cruithne Station with a failing ship and no cash, he has no idea that the time has come for him to choose.Step aside, or become the instrument for Lyssa's Rise.