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OMG It's True!: You've Always Thought There Must Be More To This Life...THERE IS! (Pehmekaaneline)

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Get ready to experience a part of life you've likely never known existed! In what the author coins as, "God's Next Evolutionary Step for Mankind," you'll learn how to personally experience God One-on-one! You'll never have to wonder whether or not God exists or hears you when you talk to Him; you'll KNOW He does, because you'll literally be able to interact with and feel Him inside of your heart! In this dramatic, entertaining memoir filled with harsh tragedies, foolish mistakes, unexpected twists, and sobering truths, you'll see the undeniable Hand of God at work all throughout Amos' life. More importantly, after sharing how God has restored his life and interacted with him in his heart for the past 16 years, Amos thoroughly explains how you can encounter this life-changing phenomenon for yourself!