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Principles and Methods of Test Construction: Standards and Recent Advances 2016 (Pehmekaaneline)

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This latest volume in the series Psychological Assessment ? Science and Practice describes the current state-of-the-art in test development and construction. The past 10?20 years have seen substantial advances in the methods used to develop and administer tests. In this volume many of the world's leading authorities collate these advances and provide information about current practices, thus equipping researchers and students to successfully construct new tests using the best modern standards and techniques.The first section explains the benefits of considering the underlying theory when designing tests, such as factor analysis and item response theory. The second section looks at item format and test presentation.The third discusses model testing and selection, while the fourth goes into statistical methods that can find group-specific bias.The final section discusses topics of special relevance, such as multitrait? multimethod analyses and development of screening instruments.Each volume in the series Psychological Assessment ? Science and Practice presents the state-of-the-art of assessment in a particular domain of psychology, with regard to theory, research, and practical applications. Editors and contributors are leading authorities in their respective fields. Each volume discusses, in a reader-friendly manner, critical issues and developments in assessment, as well as wellknown and novel assessment tools. The series is an ideal educational resource for researchers, teachers, and students of assessment, as well as practitioners. Psychological Assessment ? Science and Practice is edited with the support of the European Association of Psychological Assessment (EAPA).