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Progressive Creation and the Struggles of Humanity in the Bible (Kõvakaaneline)

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Why does the Christian walk often feel like an ongoing struggle and why does God's creation include imperfection, let alone forces that are intent on thwarting God's creative work? In seeking a response to these questions, this book argues that the biblical accounts describe creation in terms of a progressive transformation process whereby the initially incomplete created order will reach perfection only in the fulfilment of new creation. The following discussion then outlines a comprehensive framework for the biblical theology of humanity's struggles, centered on three key themes: corporeal temptation, deficient social structures, and the much-debated notion of spiritual warfare. The book presents an overarching canonical narrative that threads together a series of diverse biblical topics. The final part surveys biblical teaching on how human conduct can be aligned with God's creative purpose, and discusses three ""assignments"" from Jesus to believers: to celebrate the Eucharist, to pray the Lord's Prayer, and to fulfil the Great Commission."