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Remote Viewing Secrets: The Handbook for Developing and Extending Your Psychic Abilities (Pehmekaaneline)

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Joseph McMoneagle

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Remote viewing is not simply using psychic ability to obtain information. It is using scientific protocol to develop and extend that ability so that ordinary people can learn to do what psychics do. This book teaches you how to teach yourself. McMoneagle believes that anybody can be trained in remote viewing (no psychic gifts required). However, it requires a huge commitment and a highly disciplined mind. Using the analogy of martial arts, McMoneagle sees RV training in levels, starting with white belt where viewers can expect to see a gestalt (an overall impression) of a target. By the time readers reach the red-black belt great master, McMoneagle claims they will have gained a near-perfect union of ones paranormal talent blended within extant reality. People who reach this level no longer have to think about it, they simply do. Although readers wont become a great masters by reading this one book, McMoneagle does provide a comprehensive training program as well as important chapters on the ethics, protocol, and applications of remote viewing. McMoneagle is the authority in this area. He learned remote viewing in the U.S. Armyhe was Remote Viewer #001 in the Armys Stargate programand was awarded the Legion of Merit for his contribution to various intelligence operations."