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Sherlock Holmes Re-Told for Children: The Blue Carbuncle: American English Edition (Pehmekaaneline)

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How old were you when you discovered Sherlock? As part of the Classics For Kids series international best-selling author Mark Williams is proud to present this adaptation for children of the Sherlock Holmes short story The Blue Carbuncle.This edition is in American-English. A British-English edition is also available. The stories are identical, but in Britain we spell "color" as "colour", "theater" as "theatre", etc, and I wouldn't want my young readers getting marked down at school for using the wrong spelling for their side of the Atlantic.Come join Holmes and Watson as they solve the mystery of the blue carbuncle in a child-friendly, twenty-first century English and with the seamier side of Victorian life left out. Ideal for children aged 9-12 to get started with the world's most famous detective.Other books in the Sherlock Holmes re-told for children series:* The Blue Carbuncle * Silver Blaze* The Red-Headed League* The Engineer's Thumb* The Speckled Band* The Six Napoleons* The Naval Treaty* 3-in 1 Box Set - The Blue Carbuncle, Silver Blaze & The Red-Headed League* 3-in-1 Box Set - The Engineer's Thumb, The Speckled Band & The Six Napoleons* 6-in-1 Box Set - The Blue Carbuncle, Silver Blaze, The Red-Headed League, The Engineer's Thumb, The Speckled Band & The Six NapoleonsThese titles may be available as ebooks, paperbacks and as audio-books.Coming next in the Sherlock Holmes re-told for children series:* The Musgrave Ritual* The Beryl Coronet* The Resident PatientComing soon from international bestselling author Mark Williams :* When Sherlock Was A Boy - tales from Sherlock's childhood.