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Tennis Saves: Stewart Orphans Take World by Racket (Pehmekaaneline)

Varudest ainult

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Imagine two orphan girls trying to survive. Would you say to them, "Play tennis"? Who would anticipate that they would soon be interacting with princes, presidents, and the rich and famous of all walks of life? Pat Stewart and her sister Pam have both competed at Forest Hills. During her 19 years of competition at Forest Hills and Wimbledon, Pat inaugurated the Open Era on Center Court versus Ann Haydon-Jones. So impressed were the British press with her beauty that they twice named her Wimbledon Glamour Girl. Her modeling career led to marriage with England's favorite cricketer John Edrich. Meanwhile Pam was not only competing occasionally, but coaching personages from H. Ross Perot to Dinah Shore at famed clubs from New York to Miami. Pam's weekend with the Kennedy family may enliven discussion of the fiftieth anniversary of JFK's death. Pat and Pam Stewart are names you may not recognize, but they have built remarkable lives on the fringes of the famous players. Tennis Saves is full of triumphs and defeats and shows a facet of tennis few have ever seen.