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The Ancient City: A Study of the Religion, Laws, and Institutions of Greece and Rome (Kõvakaaneline)

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The Ancient City is Fustel de Coulanges' superb investigation of life during classical antiquity; a culture he felt rested and flourished upon religious observance. This fascinating history offers the reader ideas of how day-to-day life in Ancient Rome and Greece was sustained for centuries. Coulanges covers each major topic in sequence, beginning with the crucial assertion that religion what was held classical life together. This is swiftly followed by examples of customs and morals that defined interpersonal and familial life; marriage; adoption; rights of property and assets to name but some. Coulanges progresses to discuss the physical city. How a town would grow in size, what amenities and institutions would appear, and how religion so greatly impacted the citizen's life. Governance, through edicts, criminal and civil law, and the ruling council of a given city is examined. Latterly, we hear the importance of the class system; conflict between the lower classes - or plebiscite - and the nobility."