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The Cheater of Death (Pehmekaaneline)

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Dan Shale is a cheater of death. He lays helpless while a thug on horseback fills his limp body with more lead. The stage driver, the passengers, the sheriff, and even the undertaker thought that he was dead. If he could still think then he knew that he was alive or in a hell that he had heard so much about. He is out of the parlor and under the building before anyone misses him. A black cat found him and then a young boy named Lee helped him to his mother's house. Shale worked around the ranch until he mended. Then he went looking for the man or men that shot him. First, he had a run in with the hostler who had sold his big black when they thought that he was dead and then he had another run in with the sheriff. A tall willow of a man who knew how to use his gun. The citizens of Creekbend were being the victims of a gang demanding money and they hired Shale to help them. A tougher job than Shale thought possible and it soon turned into murder. Shale is accused of murder and thrown into jail. Then he has a lynch mob to fight off. Soon Mulie, an old friend Of Shale's appears out of nowhere and the action begins. Ride with Shale on the big black as he brings his Peacemaker into play as only Shale can do.