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The Giving Stump: The Rest of the Story (Pehmekaaneline)

Varudest ainult

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Laurel Lee MC

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Readers will learn to quickly recognize narcissistic abuse in conversation, as well as the telltale signs of it often seen in its victims. Through a seemingly innocent relationship between a man and his tree stump, The Giving Stump reveals the beast - line by eerie line. The Giving Stump will educate readers to the myriad of manipulations often used covert abusers on unsuspecting and trusting victims. This has the potential to save them a lifetime of romantic relationship agony. Narcissistic abuse is so embedded in our culture that most people don't recognize it - even when it showed up in a wildly popular and adored classic children's book of the 1960s: The Giving Tree, which is still one of the most popular, praised, and widely-read children books to date. The Giving Stump is written in response to Shel Silverstein's beloved classic, The Giving Tree. In his story, Tree deeply loves the boy (a grown man), and generously gives him all her apples, branches, and trunk in futile efforts to make him happy. The Boy takes all of it from her, without ever thanking her. Tree is eventually reduced to a stump. He sits on her. The end. This is where The Giving Stump begins. What happens to a stump who continues to give to a man who lacks both empathy and gratitude? Well, it ain't pretty! The Giving Stump tells this very un-pretty tale, giving readers essential awareness as to what covert mental abuse actually looks like. *ow! eeh! ooh! ahh! uhh! * That's gonna hurt! However painful, such awareness is craved by so many empathic, well-meaning people - desperate for answers as to what dark, invisible "force" mysteriously holds them to their respectively difficult lives.The Giving Stump begins with an illustrated story; this story is followed by an extensive discussion section - where the author goes carefully through the story - line by line - pointing out the subtle and not so subtle nuances of narc abuse that is going on behind the scenes. Absolute gold for anyone who has suffered with difficult relationships!