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The New Negotiating Edge: The Behavioural Approach for Results and Relationships (Pehmekaaneline)

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Gavin Kennedy, a successful negotiation consultant with three decades of experience, outlines a new approach to diplomatic and effective ways to achieve negotiating goals while building and maintaining strong relationships. He asserts that most people are either "red" negotiators, aggressive and hard-line, or "blue" negotiators, passive and overly conciliatory. Kennedy proposes a middle ground, or "purple" style of negotiation, that utilizes the benefits of the red and blue styles and tempers the weaknesses of both for optimum business success. Kennedy discusses the typical characteristics of red and blue negotiators, the relationship between negotiation and culture, resolving conflict in negotiation and incorporating purple behaviors into the four steps of the negotiation process. Also included are self-assessment tools for determining your preferred negotiation styles in each of the four stages so that you can work on making your individual skills purple and, thus, as effective as possible. The New Negotiating Edge is an essential reference, not just for the business world, but for all interpersonal communication, whether in the context of global diplomacy, the workplace or personal relationships.