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We're Pregnant! the First Time Dad's Pregnancy Handbook (Pehmekaaneline)

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How to become an excellent first-time dad and an all-time great partner Being a great first-time dad doesn't mean being perfect; it means approaching and participating in the pregnancy experience with confidence. From easy-to-understand stats on the mommy and baby to discussing and designing a birthing plan, We're Pregnant The First-Time Dad's Pregnancy Handbook provides all the need-to-know information with in-depth suggestions on how to be an ideal partner, and become a fully prepared parent. This standout among pregnancy books gives you the month-by-month tools needed to prepare for a newborn's arrival. Featuring must-ask questions for the doctor, milestone trackers, and more, this approachable, action-oriented handbook also takes you beyond the due date, offering fundamental information on how to plan and perfect your own daddy daycare. This essential pregnancy guide provides stress-relieving advice, including: Dad-to-be datebookTrack weekly milestones and pregnancy vitals for the mommy and baby. Building a nestKeep your relationship healthy by setting family goals like creating a fun pregnancy announcement or planning a relaxing trip. Newborn baby loveLearn how to thrive as new parents with useful tips on everything from bottle temperature to bonding with your newborn. We're Pregnant The First-Time Dad's Pregnancy Handbook will help the first-time dad become a pro parent.