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Westward The Course! The New World Of Oceania (Pehmekaaneline)

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ii V i i 3 WESTWARD THE COURSE was written during 1941, finished last September, and went to press two days after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Because this is a book about the southwestern Pacific, our editors naturally con sidered carefully whether or not the outbreak of war called for revisions or additions to the pages. Since Mr. McGuires book concerns places and people ideas and beliefs and his tory, rather than strictly contemporary events the answer was no. Westward the Course may be called a modern mans rediscovery of the great world in the southwestern Pacific. We use the word rediscovery because until very recently we in America have known little or nothing of the lands of Oceania. Interest has been developing slowly, and it took the Japanese attack on Honolulu to shock us into the general realization that Australia, New Zealand, the Dutch East Indies and British Malaya are in one sense very close and in every sense very vital. Westward the Course appears at a moment when, in the authors own words, From New York to Sydney and from Sydney to Singapore, there is now one common char acter. It is in the American, the Dutch, and the British, it appears in the Indian, the Chinese, the Malay it is that which struck off the ancient shackles and gives his final dignity to man. . . . This, in a sense, is a book about Empire. Political and material domination, if youjike, but vi Note is of the mind and spirit. . . . Jrtie bopk ig imsjU ctofcgrned with the expansion o West-Western mind in the lands under Asia, beyond r . the Pacific, where our people, perhaps, recover faith iii. ij. femselves and in their work. . . . For here is realized that which sounded in the soul of Europe whenfirst it heard the crashing doctrine of Free Will that has never ceased to echo there, never let us rest, never let us become again fellaheen and slaves. ... It appears as we struggle for it, it exists in our effort. It is within us, and we call it liberty. THE PUBLISHERS New York, December 9, 1941 I I I i Contents 5 NV i I i I fe ShSWiWi w fW 5f INTRODUCTORY, . . 3 I. WESTWARD HO 17 II. PACIFIC 29 III. HAWAII 40 IV. THE CANNIBAL ISLES 53 V. NEW ZEALAND 72 VI. AUSTRALIA 107 VII. AUSTRALIA AND THE WAR 131 VIII. AUSTRALIA AND THE FUTURE 140 IX. TRANSCONTINENTAL 153 X. LESSER SUNDAS 177 XI. THE NETHERLANDS INDIES 1Q3 XII. BATAVIA 208 XIII. MORE OF JAVA 350 XIV. THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD 284 vii viii Contents XV. SUMATRA 313 XVI. DOMINIONS OF THE SUNSET 355 XVII. BRITISH MALAYA 383 ACKNOWLEDGING . . . 425 INDEX 427 m fc Illustrations PACING PAGE SINGAPORE 22 NORTHERN SHORE, AUSTRALIA 2 3 TRANSCONTINENTAL ROAD, CENTRAL AUSTRALIA 2g VOLCANIC THERMAL POOL, NORTH ISLAND, N. Z. 38 SUMATRA 39 ANTIPODEAN VISTAS 86 DAIRY FACTORY, TARANAKI 87 MAORI CARVER, ROTORUA 87 THE AUSSIE OVERSEAS 134 THE AUSSIE OVERSEAS 135 IRRIGATION PROJECT JAVA ROAD TOWARDS BUITENZORG 1 K 1 HAULING IN A THRESHER SHARK, NORTHERN AUSTRALIA l66 CORROBOREE CEREMONIAL NEAR DARWIN, AUSTRALIA 167 DUTCH TOWN HALL, 1712 BATAVIA 182 DILLI, CAPITAL OF PORTUGUESE TIMOR 183 SAWAH 262 ix x Illustrations FACING PAGE MUNITIONS WORKER, BANDOENG 26 MAIN STREET, JAVA 78 CHILDREN OF JAVA 279 THE HELMET, MOUNT SERILLO 31O HARVEST HOME JAVANESE COLONISTS, SUMATRA gll DRY RICE FIELD, LAMPONG 3 1 1 BHAIRAWAS, THE TERRIBLE ONES 336 THE MOESI AT PALEMBANG 337 VILLAGE UNDER THE HILL 350 MENANGKABAU COUNTRY 350 MENANGKABAU FARMSTEAD 351 HEADMANSDWELLING-HOUSE 35 1 MARKET PLACE, FORT DE KOCK 358 MODERN DUTCH ARCHITECTURE, SUMATRA 359 BATAK HOUSE BATAK HOUSEWIFE MALAY MALAYAN TYPES A TAMIL, A MALAY BOY 391 BRITISH, AUSTRALIANS, CHINESE . . . 406 SIKH AND MALAY AT SINGAPORE 407 MAPS OCEANIA JAVA SUMATRA Introductory . . . NEW YORK THIS BOOK really begins on an autumn afternoon in 1940 when I had just returned from South America and sat talking to Thayer fiobson at The Players in New York. The world was very much with us that afternoon, our world and what Mrs...