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Why Is Daddy Happy on Sunday?: Great Moments in Cleveland Sports Coloring Book (Pehmekaaneline)

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A coloring book for the whole family, depicting the greatest moments from Cleveland professional sports. The companion to our popular Why is Daddy Sad on Sunday? Disappointing Moments in Cleveland Sports Coloring Book, this new coloring book celebrates the great moments in Cleveland sports history! Lebron is back! The Browns have Johnny Football! The Indians are in the conversation for the playoffs! Cleveland is back, baby! Hope springs eternal in Cleveland, but this time it feels different. This book is about celebrating the Cleveland sports triumphs of the past in anticipation of our bright future. It's also about sharing these moments with our children so they can appreciate the rich history that Cleveland sports actually has, even if most of it happened before they were born. Why is Daddy Happy on Sunday: Great Moments in Cleveland Sports Coloring Book contains 25 drawings depicting scenes of the biggest Cleveland professional sports triumphs. The book also contains editorial descriptions of each scene, including commentary by the author. This coloring book was made possible through the support of Cleveland sports fans and their backing of our campaign.