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Why the Naiads Dance (Kõvakaaneline)

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Quirky illustrations and warm-hearted stories for kids based on traditional northern sagas. "Why the Naiads Dance" is book one of "The Naiad Legends." The Naiads - tiny, sparkly wish-sprites that dance and play in a timeless River - take children on a journey of discovery back to the legends of the old gods that gave names to the days. In this first book, Scarlett, a feisty red sprite, wonders about the ever changing colors in their world and stops to ask ""Why?"" something a Naiad should never do. The question takes her and little sister Rosy on an adventure that leads them to the place of ice and fire: the Source, and the beginning and ending of all things. This delightfully illustrated story, written for children aged 5 - 12 draws readers into the mystic magic of the ancient river, and recalls the familiar old legends of yore that are still deep in our bones.