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Nutrient Power (Βιβλία τσέπης)


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William J. Walsh

This guide will show families, patients, and doctors how to change their behavior and improve their health through new skills that will last when psychiatric drugs are no longer used. Over the past 50 years, psychiatry has made some significantly large strides, but it needs a new direction. The current emphasis on psychiatric drugs works for now, but it is a temporary solution. Studies involving nurses, nursing, interventions and clinical work have led to a new type of treatment. Recent advances in the molecular biology of the brain and epigenetics have illuminated a new plan. The result? A treatment path for the creation of natural, drug-free, and effective therapies that do not produce severe side effects. Chapters include: Brain Chemistry 101Epigenetics and mental healthSchizophreniaDepressionAutismBehavioral disorders and ADHDAlzheimer&;s DiseaseAnd more! The need-based treatments outlined in Dr. William J. Walsh&;s Nutrient Power show a research-based nutrient therapy system that can help people with a variety of mental disorders. The guide explains that nutrient imbalance can cause mental disorders by disrupting gene expression of proteins and enzymes, crippling the body&;s protection against environmental toxins, and changing brain levels of key neurotransmitters. Walsh&;s database has connected nutrient imbalances in patients diagnosed with a variety of disorders found in the DSM."

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