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Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body (Paperback)

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Sara is a comedian who has talked and joked about female sexuality, psychology, and the media's portrayal of women on stage and screen. While researching her most recent live show, Sara realized that she had a lot more to say. In her first book Sara combines autobiography and evolutionary history to entertain and inform about the female body. Why we have boobs and how they have become so fetishised. How the kidnap of a 13-year old-chimney sweep's daughter created our present age of consent. The discovery and subsequent forgetting of the clitoris, the many eras of misunderstanding the female orgasm. Did you know that clitoridectomies were once performed on British and American women to cure masturbation and hysteria? And that we learned so much about female sexuality from the behavior of sperm? Animal is a laugh-out-loud book, perfect for fans of Caitlin Moran, Lena Dunham, and Amy Schumer.


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