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Etsy Success - How to Make a Full-Time Income Selling Jewelry, Crafts, and Other Handmade Products Online (Mogul Mom Work-at-Home Book Series) (Paperback)

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Turn Your Passion for Making Handmade Products and Crafts into a Thriving Online Business! pHandmade products are hot! People everywhere love to buy unique, one-of-a-kind items and the good feeling that comes from supporting the creators who made them. is the number one online destination for people wanting to purchase handmade products and crafts. Believe it or not though, simply selling great products on Etsy isn't enough to be successful. With many talented people selling their items there, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. pBut here's the good news... pThere are people making good money on Etsy and if you want to be one of them, this book will help you. It contains a ""marketing plan"" designed just for you, with step-by-step instruction that will show you exactly what to do in order to have a successful, thriving Etsy business. pDo you make any of the following items? p.Soap br.Jewelry br.Clothing br.Art br.Candles br.Beauty Products p If so, you want this book! It contains everything you need to know about making money on Etsy. You'll take your passion from a ""hobby"" in the corner of your living room to a real business, with customers from around the world. pNot on Etsy yet? Don't worry! This book will show you how to set up an eye-catching store in just minutes! Already on Etsy? Get ready to increase your sales! pRunning an online store on Etsy is the perfect job opportunity for mothers, since you can run the entire business from your home, spend more time with your children, be your own boss, and make a great income doing something you love! pIf you're ready to make money on Etsy, get this book today."


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