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Orthopedic Physical Assessment Atlas and Video: Selected Special Tests and Movements (Paperback)

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David J. Magee
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Building on the authoritative content in David J. Magee's Orthopedic Physical Assessment textbook, Orthopedic Physical Assessment Atlas and Video provides step-by-step guidance for evaluating movements and performing the most common special tests in musculoskeletal assessment. Detailed video demonstrations of tests and procedures common in musculoskeletal assessment are supplemented by hundreds of high-quality full-color clinical photographs and illustrations of each test and assessment. Master the most effective techniques for evaluating movement and performing special tests with expert guidance from leading orthopedic physical assessment authority David J. Magee. Confidently perform more than 165 special tests common in musculoskeletal assessment with detailed step-by-step instructions. Review movement examinations and specific test details with narrated video demonstrations. Access up-to-date, evidence-based information at a glance with a convenient atlas format. Enhance your understanding of movement examinations and common special tests with more than 475 full-color clinical photographs and illustrations.


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