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Princess Gabby Girl and the Sparkly Dress (Paperback)

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Princess Gabby Girl and the Sparkly Dress is a story about a little Princess who loves to dance around the palace and discovers a gorgeous, sparkly, magic dress and Miss Marvelous in the magic mirror. She finds happiness comes by sharing and caring for others. Her good deeds cause her dress to shine brighter but she is told by Miss Marvelous it will get dark if she forgets. She is so happy when her dress is sparkling but as soon as she focuses only on herself the dress becomes dull and dingy. She begins to forget all about her promise to Miss Marvelous. Her frustration grows as her dress continues to get darker and it appears to be beyond repair. The Princess gives up on trying to fix the dress and then with the help of Miss Marvelous she realizes that her true sparkle and true happiness comes from helping others. Once again she lights up her home, her village and her world The theme of the book is based around Matthew 5:14-16. The message of those verses, "Let your good deeds shine out for all to see." resonates though this beautiful book. This is a lovely message and a fun way for kids to think about spreading kindness. It also, encourages readers to find their own happiness in helping others and sparkling in their own world. Kids, Parents & Grandparents will love this delightful, unique and creative message "


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