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Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable (Paperback)

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Tim S. Grover
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Legendary trainer Tim Grover uses his experience with the world's top athletes to drill down into the killer instinct that separates the good from the great, showing you how to tap into the dark side of competitive intensity in order to win--regardless of the circumstance or cost.

"Everything in this book is about raising your standard of excellence, going beyond what you already know and think, beyond what anyone has tried to teach you. Kobe says he wants six rings? I want him to have seven. A guy tells me he wants to come back from an injury in ten weeks? I'll get him there in eight. You want to drop thirty pounds? You'll drop thirty-four. That's how you become unstoppable--by placing no limits on yourself. Not just in sports, but in everything you do. I want you to want more and get everything you crave."--Tim Grover

Tim Grover's almost supernatural ability to push hall-of-fame level athletes to achieve peak performance is legendary. In this book," " for the first time ever, he reveals what it takes to be the best: You have to be relentless.

Direct, blunt, and brutally honest, Tim Grover dares you to admit what's stopping you from succeeding and impels you to see that to be unstoppable, you have to keep getting better. You never stop working and improving. You never accept being "good enough." Grover shows you the way, offering not only an inside look into the hearts and minds of the most successful and accomplished athletes of all time, but also showing you how to tap into the passion and the motivation to pursue excellence and win--regardless of the circumstance or cost.


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