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Rick Stein's India (Hardback)

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Rick Stein
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In search of the perfect curry -- the very best recipes that India has to offer.
"There is something about a curry that is all pervading -- just the mere mention of the word ignites a longing deep inside us, especially after a couple of beers in good company."
Rick Stein is undertaking a new gastronomic odyssey -- a journey through the vibrant colours, spices and tastes of authentic Indian cuisine.
Whether sampling Bhapa maach paturi (spicy steamed fish) in Calcutta, exploring the impact of spicy Konkan cuisine on European settlers or trying his hand at a hot Tandoori grill, Rick is searching for the soul of Indian food -- the real flavours, ingredients and techniques that make up this fiery and fragrant cuisine.
But he doesn't stop there. Rick also brings the six finest dishes that he's discovered on his journey back to the UK and puts them to the test. These six discoveries are Rick's personal favourites, and the ones that he believes the British public will enjoy the most.


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