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Teaching English Texts 11-18 (Paperback)

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Sue Dymoke
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Teaching Texts 11-18 is a book for trainee English teachers, PGCE and GTTP trainees, and those who have recently qualified. This textbook will offer an integrated text-focused approach to teaching the subject of English across the 11-18 age and ability range. The term 'text' will embrace a variety of texts that are at the heart of the English curriculum and debates about literacy, including scripts and spoken texts, poetry, prose fiction, literary non-fiction, media and multi-modal texts. Teaching Texts 11-18 will explore practical and inclusive ways into teaching many different types of texts. The use of ICT and considerations for working with lower ability and/or gifted and talented students will feature throughout the book. The book will draw on both creative practices and current research in the fields of literacy, English teaching pedagogy and ICT. It will include interviews and some examples of textual production from professionals working in different textual fields. It will engage with debates about the current and future construction of the English curriculum both in the UK and in other Anglophone countries. It will support its readers in their professional development as reflective readers and teachers of texts.

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